To Organize or Not to Organize…An INFP’s Dilemma

As you might have guessed from some of my previous posts, organization is not a strength of mine.  And why should it be?  I am an INFP who majors in daydreaming, creating, and weeping with those who weep.  But even for an INFP, the day comes when you have a little one demanding your attention for most of the hours in the day.  Unoccupied time is precious…so what is an INFP to do?  Consult her older sister, of course, and get her act in gear lest she spend all of her free time on those mundane tasks she dislikes so much!

Grouping tasks is the order of the day for this INFP’s organizational plan.  So, I clean up the kitchen while babywearing (cleaning + bonding).  I let the baby sit on the bed while we fold and put away laundry (playing + clean clothes).  AND I am using online tools to help with menu planning and shopping (technology + YUM)!

My aforementioned genius older sister decided after another of our long menu-swapping phone conversations that there had to be an easier way to do this.  So she created a Pinterest board that we can both pin to for each week of the month.  We both browse the blogs we follow, find recipes we like, pin them to the boards, and *bam*, a ready-made list to inspire us to new cooking and baking heights each week!

Not only that — we are also using a site called Pepperplate to generate shopping lists and menus to keep track of said cooking and baking heights.  Technology at it’s finest!

Now we can use our weekly phone conversations to talk of things other than menus…and sometimes we even do.  And I no longer have to scour the internet for exciting meal ideas each week.  I can use that time for baby cuddles or writing blog posts.  Maybe this organization trick really does have something to it.  (Just kidding, sis, I still have piles of unread Sunday comics, and there might be mail from two weeks ago sitting on my kitchen table….)  Ah, well, an INFP has to do what an INFP has to do!


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