Ten Things I Didn’t Know About Parenting

Today’s very short blog post is brought to you courtesy of a 7-month-old adorable and sweet teething baby who won’t let me put her down when she is awake and is only taking 30-minute naps.  It’s easy to say you’ll publish a blog post every week….

I often thought being a parent was a sort of club…a very exclusive one, that when you run into another member of it, you can talk for hours and use all sorts of special passwords.  Welllll….now I am a member, and find I can’t help myself from telling long stories about my baby to the lady at the Farmer’s Market or anyone else who will listen.  I’m sure my co-workers are just being polite when they ask how she is, and if that’s so, they sure get more than they bargained for!

You, my blog reader, are no exception, I’m afraid.  This is not a mommy blog, but a lot more of the posts will be mommy-ish, since that is what I am now and it is very much on my mind.  Here are some things I have learned along the way!

5. Poop is exciting!  I was fairly neutral on the subject of poop prior to Lily’s arrival.  Nowadays…I want to know everything about her poop in particular. (I’m still pretty neutral on poop in general!)  Also, I can discuss poop with a straight face with any other mama out there!

4. You do not need as much sleep as you think you do.  Really.

3.  You are much funnier than you think you are (and on a related note, you’ll do just about anything to make that little monkey laugh)

2.  8:00 may not be when the cool kids go to bed, but it is when you go to bed because you know your stubborn little girl who refuses to drink milk from a bottle while you are at work has to make up her intake sometime…. *Hint: it’s going to be sometime before you’ve had 4 hours of sleep*

1.  If you try to make a list of 10 things while your baby is teething, it will take much longer than you think, and you will end up cutting the list to 5 because it’s after 8:00 (see #2).

I will try again next week!  Thanks for dropping by….


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