The Wanderer Has Returned…!

It has been a long time since I last blogged.  A very long time.  Almost two years, actually.  Not that this INFP had no adventures during that time.  On the contrary, there were many adventures.  I just have not written about them. Yet!

The short version is that the Mr. and I were trying for a very long time to add a little one to our family.  I fell pregnant for the first time shortly after my last post to this blog.  Sadly, that baby didn’t make it, and the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at around 11.5 weeks.  Well, I didn’t feel much like writing after that episode.  Three months of healing followed, and right on their tail was a new pregnancy.  That one lasted the right amount of time and ended with our gorgeous baby girl on this past August 6.

That is a story in itself.  But not one for today.  Although we all survived the birthing process, it was rough in more ways than one.  Three months of maternity leave went by in about an hour, and then back to work to teach the kiddos I had yet to meet for the year (school started a mere 1.5 weeks after Little Miss’s arrival).

My friend reminded me of my languishing blog and inspired me to resurrect this old friend, so here I am!  These two years have remade me, but the core INFP is still there.  New adventures shall be forthcoming!


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