A Farewell to Shampoo: A Confession

Several months ago, I wrote a couple of posts about shampoo — or rather the lack thereof.  You can read them here and here (if you so desire — no pressure).  In looking for a healthier alternative to chemical-laden shampoo that promised to make my hair luscious, shiny, sexy, etc. (but never delivered on its promises, I might add), I stumbled across a group of people who chose literally…no alternative.  Instead of using shampoo, they would occasionally cleanse their hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar or even just water.


I admit: initially, I was quite enthusiastic and jumped in with both feet — I even bought adorable little stainless steel bottles to store my concoctions in.  I blogged and read and talked about my new hair care constantly.


And then…I stopped.  First, I noticed that my hair was a bit dry — shiny and healthy, no doubt, but seemingly a bit stressed by the exclusive use of baking soda to clean it.  Second, I became impatient with waiting for my hair to balance out its oiliness.  Last, I went to a new hairdresser.

I had discovered this organic salon in my very own city of Ocala, FL (shocking, I know).  So I decided to check it out.  And even though, out of anyone in the world, this salon should be able to understand using an alternative hair care routine, I balked at explaining what I was doing to a complete stranger.  Well, and once the magical smelling suds enveloped my hair, and I relaxed into the chair, it was all over.

I asked for information about the shampoo they used at the salon, and they pointed me to Acure Brand shampoo and conditioners.

Now, while quite a bit more expensive than apple cider vinegar and baking soda, this hair care has some added advantages.  Not only is it completely organic without nasty ingredients, but it also smells divinely of almonds (I actually think it smells exactly like almond extract — who wouldn’t want to put that on their hair?).  It also keeps my hair shiny and healthy (similar to the baking soda and apple cider vinegar), but it is gentler and keeps my hair a bit more balanced.

So alas for the completely natural method of hair care — apparently I am wimpier than I initially thought.  But I still use the baking soda and vinegar rinse occasionally to clear out build-up.

And that is the truth about the No ‘Poo method of hair care.  At least for me….



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