The Summer Bucket List Bus Passes Me By…

So, the big thing with all my teacher friends this summer is making a summer bucket list. You know, the things you want to do before summer slips away (as it so often does). I realized this and thought to myself…”Well, now, that’s a great idea. If you’re more organized, you will probably get more done. Also, it will keep you from being bored.”

Then I immediately got pen and paper and began making my own bucket list  went and took a nap.

On the first day of summer, I did not make a bucket list but instead cleaned my house (which had gotten rather grimy around the edges, namely from not being thoroughly cleaned since January).  Also, I made bread.  And did laundry.  So I didn’t have time for a list, really.

The second day of summer vacation, I put away my winter clothes and got out my summer clothes (here I might mention that summer has been in full swing in Florida for at least a month, and the last time I wore a sweater was spring break).  Also, I made cookies for my poor neglected husband who hasn’t had cookies since, uh, September, maybe?  *Here I will pause so you can feel sorry for him.*  Finally, I finished my book.  Which was very important.  So again, no list.

The third day of summer vacation I thought to myself — “Why am I torturing myself with this blasted list?  I am an INFP, and we hate lists.  Forget about the stinkin’ list.”  And I promptly did.

So, while I have things I would like to do this summer, like can tomatoes and make overnight book totes for my class next year, there will be no Summer Bucket List.  The ship has sailed, the train has left the station…and I have some very important, uhm, somethings to do.8e345-100_0197


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