On the Beauties of Refrigeration

Yesterday morning, I had a glass of milk with breakfast.   And as I was drinking, it occurred to me — this milk tastes a bit warm.  Odd….  So I went to the refrigerator, and no blast of cold air greeted me when I opened it.  I placed my kitchen thermometer (usually used for making yogurt) in for five minutes, and when I took it out, it read only 70 degrees!


I proceeded to  very calmly inform my husband that we needed a new refrigerator. run around the kitchen randomly removing things from the refrigerator and freezer while yelling for my husband to come there right now.

Long story short, we ended up unexpectedly paying our fifth visit to Lowe’s this week.  We were able to find a very serviceable fridge/freezer combo at a reduced price (due to a new model coming in), with the promise of a free ice maker, and, of course, free delivery and take away.

It is not a lovely side-by-side like our previous model, but I have high hopes that it will also not suddenly decide to stop working on a Friday morning for many years.

The ice maker is also a bonus because we did not have one in our old freezer, and my husband is quite famous for his love of ice.

In the end, I am thankful that one year ago, we decided to take a class by Dave Ramsey that encouraged us to start a budget and begin a small emergency fund.  We still have a long way to go down the “getting financially healthy” road, but I am grateful that a minor disaster is just that — minor. 

And I am also grateful for Lowe’s dudes with trucks that know how to move furniture.

And I will not take cold milk for granted.

That is all.


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