I did it!

After way more procrastination than is necessary (hmm… am I seeing a pattern here?), I finally managed to make my own chocolate syrup!

Can I just say…wow!!??

I would have done this a long time ago if I had only known.  In the end, inspired by a concern about some of the ingredients in Hershey’s chocolate syrup, in addition to its less than stellar quality of chocolate taste, I found this recipe:  Annie’s Eats DIY Chocolate Syrup

You have to go look at it to believe how easy it is.

Not only that — it tastes like real chocolate — rich, deep, sweet (but not too sweet), and not even slightly metallic.  And for a 20-minute time investment (most of which is not too intensely supervised)?

I am only too happy to say…see ya store-bought chocolate syrup (or maybe not)!

P.S.  I would post a picture of its beautiful, dark, delicious beauty in its super-cute glass bottle, but…  I left my camera in New Hampshire (a story for another day).  So go look at Annie’s Eats if you want to make your mouth water.  Believe me, it will.


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